Realtor Leads from $12.00 – $15.00 using The Most Powerful Platform…..Facebook

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Facebook and Re-targeting Expert


“Done-For-You” Digital Marketing Campaigns

We Create “Done-For-You” Digital Marketing Campaigns that combine the best of display marketing and re-targeting to bring customers back.


Facebook PPC

Our Realtor clients see leads at a rate of 2-10 per month utilizing our Facebook strategy. You’ll get an ROI with just one new client each month.


We Target Your Audience

Target specific audiences and individuals in highly relevant ways as they are researching companies, or doing product comparisons.

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Web/Landing Page Design

We design your websites and landing pages with conversion in mind.


Paid Search Solutions

We will put your business directly in front of the hungry prospects searching for your Real Estate Services.


Consulting Services

We know what works and what does not when it comes to lead generation.

Who Are We?

We are a premier marketing agency. We specialize in lead generation for many different niches. Clients come to us when they need some consulting on lead generation strategies. We help Realtors and Real Estate Brokers become more profitable by attracting more of their ideal clients within their ideal locations. We offer several services to our clients including consulting, PPC (Paid Search) and website/landing page design services.

We Create “Done-For-You” Digital Marketing Campaigns that combine the best of display marketing and retargeting to bring customers back.
Target specific audiences and individuals in highly relevant ways as they are researching companies, or doing product comparisons.
Generate eye-catching professional display banners to attract potential customers.

Optimize and enhance your digital marketing campaigns programs to stretch each marketing dollar to its fullest potential.

The Result:
Highly qualified sales opportunities that leverage the most from your marketing dollars.
We know the game, and we fight for the best placements and lowest bids on the market. Now … you can compete directly against the big boys…and WIN!

  • Advanced Targeting – We use highly intelligent processes to pinpoint your audience and then use proprietary optimization processes to fine-tune this based on behavior.
  • Machine Learning – We can use the behaviors that online customers are performing to target other potential customers who perform the same behaviors.
  • Like Audiences – if you have a list of emails of customers, we can use these to compare 80+ points of data we know about each of them to develop a template of your ideal customer. Then, we search the web for those who match this profile and target them aggressively knowing they have a very high chance of also being interested in your product or service.
  • Intelligent Branding – we use our display networks to show your company to just the right people at the right times. This creates a brand awareness so they recognize you and begin to trust you upon sight.
  • Unparalleled Support Staff and Project Managers – Our team of digital experts are highly trained and industry experts. They not only know all the buttons to push and levers to pull, but also when and why to push and pull them. They are expert strategists and work tirelessly to make your company a success. And believe it or not…they don’t’ talk too techy so you can understand in plain English what is happening.
    We drive your brand using multiple channels – by using a carefully crafted strategy; we get fast results with our intelligent data-driven advertising. By using multiple channels, we can optimize your digital campaign to take advantage of the best parts of different networks and technologies.
  • Tracking and Monitoring – we use a sophisticated set of tracking tools and then roll them up into a simple to read report that quickly tells you the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

These are the words from the mouth of my fulfillment team. These guy’s will be handling our Facebook Ad & Real Time Bidding + retargeting Campaigns. This pretty much puts the “why work with us” in a nice little package. Let me know if you need anything else to get going.

Here’s 2 case studies:

Real Estate Client 1:
Lead Generation Campaign: Reports have been working very well in this niche.
Home Value Analysis Report Offered
– We are giving away a $25 gift card for new Home Value Analysis sign-ups.
– Generating leads at $12 – $15 each.
– In the first three weeks of that month, the realtor received 25 leads, met with 13 of them and has either listed their property and/or is looking for another property for 7 of them. Great ROI.
Campaign: Ad -> Report Signup w/Giveaway -> Follow-Up on Leads

Real Estate Client 2:
Lead Generation Campaign: Case Study
Report Offered
– Driving to an opt-in and deliver the report
– Generating leads between $3.00 to $6.00.
– Follow-up sequence set and currently averaging 2 listings a month from this.

Website/Landing Page Design

We Design websites with lead generation for our Realtor in mind. We believe a website is worthless if it cannot capture and nurture leads. If your website is not converting web traffic into hungry ready to buy or sell leads then we need to talk.

Facebook Campaigns (+ Adwords/Bing Paid Search)

Bottom line is we specialize in getting leads for our Realtor and RE Broker clients. We have a range of cost effective and proven strategies and tactics to employ. We have case studies and proof of current clients as well.

Consulting & Strategy

We’ve been around this business, we know what works and what does not work. We have strategies in play right now that are generating our clients OVER 140+ leads per month, per city. We can help you do this as well.

We Drive More Qualified Leads and Phone Calls. Contact us Today for More Information…

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Facebook and Re-targeting Expert